Monday, 18 March 2013


The Moff, along with Matt Smith and Jenna Louise-Coleman have revealed some rather sintillating facts about the upcoming run of episodes and the 50th Anniversary.

Speaking at a Q&A session after an exclusive screening of The Bells of Saint John, Moffat and co. showed their enthusiasm for the second half of series 7 and gave their impressions on the script for the 50th.

On the subject of the 50th Anniversary, Smith said: "You won't be disappointed... I read it and clapped at the end.

I think it's going to be the biggest, the best, the most inventive, the most exciting year for the show."

Moffat, commenting on the 50th, has stopped anybody from giving him a physical copy of the script:

"I'll tell you, one length I've gone to, which I think is a really, really good security measure - I make sure I don't get a script. Because I will lose it. So I forbid people to hand me one." he said.

Coleman was also asked about her thoughts on the anniversary script.

She said: "It really is epic and I think it's really a treat for the fans of the last fifty years."

In further news, Steven Moffat has also announced that River Song (Alex Kingston) will return in series 7b.

He said: "Yes. She will certainly be in this series."

The trio were later asked to elaborate on their personal highlights, to which Smith and Coleman discussed the show's new mosters and guest stars. Moffat however ended the question with a very big boast:

"And the Doctor's greatest secret will be revealed. And actually will. I'm not lying." 

There is a lot going on and, naturally, the hype will only continue to grow. With the 50th Anniversary on the horizon and the new run of episodes starting in two weeks, we're expecting to bring you a TARDIS full of information very soon. As JNT once said. Stay tuned!

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