Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Only yesterday did the type40 team bring you the first images of the brand new and revamped Ice Warriors.

Well, the BBC have now released the first full image for the returning monsters and they look fantastic.

Check out the image below:

Image - BBC

Stockier, more menacing and with less fur, these new Ice Warriors will face the Doctor once more in episode three of the new run of episodes.

Although the Moff had previously stated that he didn't like the Ice Warriors, he has since changed his tune and claimed that the episode, written by Mark Gatiss, is "an absolute cracker".

With so much to come this year, we have to say that this looks sure to be a nostalgic highlight.

Doctor Who returns to our screens on March 30th on BBC One. Check out the trailer for the second half of series 7 below:

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