Saturday, 16 March 2013


Comic Relief has so far raised an incredible £75, 107, 851. This is the most the charity has raised in its 25 year history and, amidst all the usual sketches and specials was the Doctor.

The Time Lord first popped up in a mash-up of One Born Every Minute, Call the Midwife and Doctor Who, where he arrives to warn an in-labour mother of a prophecy regarding her unborn twins, John and Edward.

Smith later appeared on stage with Claudia Winkleman and Dermot O'Leary as the Doctor. Serving as a 'teaser' for the 50th Anniversary in 3D, Smith found himself having to avoid the advances of Winkleman before leaving.

David Tennant also made a surprise entrance as John Bishop, blindfolded, awaited a kiss from co-host Davina McCall, only to receive one from the Tenth Doctor instead (who did not hold back).

Check out the stills and Smith's on-stage appearance below:

The Doctor in the mash-up special
Matt Smith / The Doctor with Claudia Winkleman
David Tennant sneaks up on John Bishop... Oh Yes!
All images copyright BBC

The Doctor on-stage below:

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