Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Not Just a Mouth On Legs
Candy Jar Books, the publisher of Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants, has announced the results of its most popular TV companion poll. The fans were asked ‘Who is the best Doctor Who companion?’ and the result is actually quite unexpected, as the overall winner is not Rose Tyler, Donna Noble or even Sarah Jane Smith, but the 1980s companion, Tegan Jovanka.
Andy Frankham-Allen, writer of Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants, is shocked and pleased by the result. He said: “I would have expected either Sarah or Rose to win, but it's pleasing to see a companion who's only been obliquely referenced twice since 2005 win. Seems there's still a lot of love for the '80s and Janet Fielding's mouthy Tegan!”

Janet Fielding, who played Tegan Jovanka, will be appearing at Project Motor Mouth 2 in Windsor on 3rd August in aid of Project Motor House. She will be joined by many former companions including Carole Ann Ford, Katy Manning and Sophie Aldred. On learning the news of her win, she said: “Are you sure you mean me? Tegan? The Mouth on Legs? That's fantastic. And rather unexpected.”
Donna Noble is the most popular modern day companion, closely followed by Rose Tyler and River Song.
The results are as follows:
  1. Tegan Jovanka
  2. Sarah Jane Smith
  3. Donna Noble
  4. Rose Tyler
  5. Ace     
  6. Romana / Jamie McCrimmon
  7. Nyssa     
  8. River Song
  9. Amy Pond
  10. Leela     
Available from the People’s Book Prize winning publisher, Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants is an essential guide and sometimes tongue-in-cheek look at all Doctor Who companions. It is covers the characters to have featured in the comics, books, audio adventures and spin-offs.
Gary Russell, former Doctor Who Magazine editor, Big Finish producer, BBC script editor and Doctor Who novelist, has provided the book’s foreword. Gary said: “Of course there have been books about companions before – but few of them go into this amount of detail, display this amount of in-depth knowledge and above all, this amount of love. As a celebration of everything that makes the Doctor’s (and therefore our) best friends unique and special, this book is essential.”

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