Monday, 17 June 2013


Think you're the biggest fan of Doctor Who? Think again...

A father-and-daughter duo have done the unexpected and used Kickstarter for their rather eccentric dream: launching a miniature model of the TARDIS into space.

Based in Lake Helen, Florida, the pair have set themselves the goal of $33,000, and after only 17 days, have already surpassed that aim with winnings of over $48,000!

The idea behind the idea, is that they will use this money to include the model in the 'payload bay' of a commercial rocket, using very much the same tactics as private companies and universities who want a satellite sent into space.

Even cooler than this however, is what the TARDIS model will actually be used for. By using solar panels hidden within the windows, the constantly-powered box will use a hidden camera inside to send back to Earth photographs - very cool indeed!

Beyond this, their next goal would be to send a life-size replica of the TARDIS into 'Low-Earth-Orbit', so if you feel like that's even better (which let's face it, it might just be), then make a pledge and make it happen!

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