Monday, 20 May 2013


According to this week’s Points of View there’s been a ‘growing mailbag of disappointment’ directed at the BBC concerning the latest series of Doctor Who. In true Points of View style we get some examples, the first being from a rather weary looking schoolboy named Oliver Sutton: "I think it’s been boring; the stories have been unrealistic and it hasn't been very scientific at all."

Oliver is joined by Andy Smith, another disgruntled viewer who adds: "I'm finally starting to think it’s about time this classic Sci-Fi show hung up its hat before it totally destroys the legacy of such a BBC classic."

While fan, Craig Jenkins, is clearly unimpressed by the new-look Daleks: "It’s to the point that I don’t want to see any classic enemies in it...for fear of them being turned pink and fluffy."

In reply the BBC issued a statement on the subject: 

"Doctor Who gets over 8 million viewers a week and, out of all the dramas on any channel so far this year, it gets the highest audience share. The response to this series has been ‘fantastic’ and it is the top rating programme for both males and younger viewers, including children."

In conclusion the BBC said that: "Doctor Who fans are among the most passionate in the UK", which, in the context, sounds like a very nice way of saying they complain a lot.

The Beeb had better be careful though; just look at what happened in Norwich recently!

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