Monday, 29 April 2013


With Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS still fresh in our minds since Saturday, it highlights one of the elements to Doctor Who that to some may seem overlooked – production design. Given the nature of DW’s most recent episode, the way the TARDIS looks, but also feels was an integral element to the overall episode.

As we watched the character of the TARDIS unfold, we were also given a glimpse into the Doctor’s relationship with his craft. With insurmountable work put into it both in front and behind the camera, we are given further secrets into the nature of this unusual vessel and its place in the DW mythos.

Watch the video below, and you can learn a little more about how production designer Michael Pickwoad chose to shape the design of the TARDIS interior into an impressive example of set design, as well as a spacecraft with flair and personality of its own. Also featuring interviews from Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman and Stephen Moffat.

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